Purpose Stones

Energy Wellness

Sharing Earth’s Energy

Purpose Stones

Energy Wellness

Sharing Earth’s Energy

What We Offer


Good Things Come In Small Packages

Women's Bracelets

Hand-crafted bracelets for women with more than 20 energy powers to choose from.

Birthstone Bracelets

Hand-crafted bracelets for women specially created to offer the wearer the energy of their birthstones.

Men's Bracelets

Hand-crafted bracelets for men with energy stones selected for masculinity.

For Your Pups

Hand-crafted collars designed with the intent to create harmony for your beloved pups.


Hand-crafted anklets to complement or enhance your Purpose Stones bracelets.

Hebrew Bracelets

Hand-crafted Hebrew-inspired bracelets for men or women.

Pendants & Pieces

Energy pendants for everyday wear to promote feelings of well-being and clarity as well as select selenite pieces.

What we do

Hand-crafted Jewelry Made With Love

When you wear jewelry from Purpose Stones you can be certain that is infused with love. Each stone is chosen with purpose and care to create a work of art that carries with it the power of the Earth’s energy. Our bracelets, anklets, and pup collars include strong magnetic clasps and hematite along with semi-precious stones and gemstones chosen for their specific energetic properties.


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