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Vav Vav Lamed Dialing God Kyanite


Vav Vav Lamed

Experience the DIALING GOD energies of...


  • Aligns and clears chakras
  • Assists with spiritual gifts
  • Calms the mind into a relaxed state


  • Releases stress and anxiety
  • Energizes the body, mind, and spirit
  • Helps to embrace life
  • Strengthens the heart and stomach


  • Grounds your energy
  • Gives balance, vitality, strength, endurance, and courage
  • Enhances focus, memory, and original thought

Strong magnetic clasp. Ships in a velvet pouch with an insert explaining the energetic properties of the stones.

For custom sizes outside the scope of our variations, please make a comment in the notes when completing your order of the exact size you want.

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DISCLAIMER: Please note that all Purpose Stones bracelets and anklets are individually crafted and, while the same type of stone is used in each named bracelet, there will be some variations depending upon the stones available.